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jukebox screen dump

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Jukebox is a jukebox title card formatter and database program used by jukebox hire companies. It is used to maintain a database of the hire company's CDs that can be printed in various jukebox title card formats. Existing card formats can be used, modified or new ones created to suit the company's needs.

The main functions of Jukebox For Windows are:

  • Create or modify jukebox card formats.
  • Print jukebox card formats for a single CD or multiple CDs.
  • Search for a CD via a song.
  • Search for a CD via an artist.
  • Search for CD via CD Number.
  • Print a list of CDs.
  • Print a report sorted by song title.
  • Print a report sorted by artist title.
  • Export data to text file format to give to customers or upload to a WEB page.


$550.00AUD (approx $380.00 US). Australian orders add 10% GST.

Purchase by Credit card or PayPal.

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